Monday, 9 July 2012

Bikini Babyyy

Hey everyone!

Whenever I go holiday shopping, I love to shop for swimwear. Whenever I see different bikinis, I just want to buy them all! There are so many different types of bikinis with loads of different prints on them, such as, floral, stripes, spots or even just plain colours. I'm going on holiday soon and today, I was sorting through my holiday stuff to see what I have and what I don't have (but also to see if I haven't bought too much, woops!) But, I came across my selection of bikinis and thought, 'hey, why don't I do a blog post about them'. This year, I'm taking 4 with me on holiday, there were going to be 5 but since I'm only going for a week I thought I'd just take 4, this was a traumatic time for me because I absolutely love the other bikini...but anyway, I'm taking these 4 bikinis in the picture above away with me this year. I've realised that they all have bits of pink in them...I guess I'm going for a pink theme this year? I recently bought the 3 bandeau bikinis for my holiday this year. I love bandeau bikinis, it's my favourite style! It prevents you from getting bad strap lines on your neck and make you feel so comfortable! Last year, I bought my flowery, triangular shaped bikini (the one at the top of the photo) and I wanted to take it away with me again this year because I love the pattern and looks great with a tan!

This bikini was £22 from Republic. I have to admit, I don't normally shop in Republic, I do have a browse, but when I went in one day, I found this bikini and fell in love! I love the aztec print, it's all in this year, and this bikini has a great aztec print to it. All of the colours included in it work together really well too. It comes in a set rather than separates which is great because sometimes when you buy separates, it can increase the price as the top of the bikini can be more expensive than the bottom.

I absolutely love this bikini, it's so cute! It's from New Look (one of my favourite ever shops) and came as separates rather than in a set. The bandeau top cost £12.99 and the bottoms cost £8.99. The colours in this bikini are quite bright, but it's a great mix! I love floral prints. I own a lot of floral printed items of clothing because I just love it! Florals are brilliant for the summer and this bikini will be great on holiday!

So, I bought this bikini last year for my holiday in Majorca and it is from Accessorize. I can't actually remember the price of the bikini as it was in the sale (bargain!) but I do remember that it came as separates rather than a set. It is such a nice bikini and definitely goes great with a tan! The floral prints, again, are so cute and summery! Actually, I was wanting this bikini for a while and when I seen it in the sale I was over the moon! It is a different style from the other 3. I love this style and wanted a variety in the selection of bikinis I was taking on holiday, hence why I am taking this particular bikini!

The last bikini I want to talk about is this one. This came as separates from Primark at a price of £5 for the bandeau top and £3 for the bottoms. MY BARGAIN BIKINI! It's such a nice bikini, for such a good price too! I would recommend you go to Primark if you are in need of swimwear, their range is amaaaazing! I would've bought the whole selection if I'm honest! I was wanting a stripy bikini for a while and I came across this one and loved it! The peachy colour goes great with the pink stripes! These colours will definitely go well with a tan and stand out!

I can't wait to go on holiday, just the feeling of lying in the hot sun excites me! I love summer and can't wait to get away from this horrible, grim weather! I'm going to Greece, and at the moment it is 32 degrees there. By far, much better than this British weather! I can't wait to get a natural tan for once! Actually, I did a few weeks ago when we had that mini heatwave, but I'm hoping to get an even better one on holiday! I'm so excited to wear these bikinis, I think I'll struggle to pick which one to wear each day but oh well!

Hope you all have a great day!
Charlotte xxx