Saturday, 28 July 2012

Getting Into the Olympic Spirit!


Well, after waiting 7 years, the London Olympics have finally arrived! Woooo! We've watched the Olympic park being constructed over these years and we've heard from each athlete about their hopes for 2012. 8.8 million tickets have been bought and 204 countries are taking part. I've been so excited these past few weeks and yesterday I was overly excited for the opening ceremony! Seriously, I couldn't wait!

The opening ceremony was spectacular, made me so proud to be British! I loved the fact that it went through the history of Great Britain. Although there seemed to be loads going on, I genuinely thought it was amazing! I'm the type of person who cries at everything on the TV. It's ridiculous, I'm such a cry baby. I'm going to admit, I cried numerous times at the opening ceremony. I cried at the flags being raised, the Olympic rings appearing, the moment Team GB walked out, the Olympic flame being lit and I even cried when I saw the Queen. Yes, I love the Queen. She's my favourite person. I cry every time I see her and who would've thought she'd jump out of a helicopter ey!? Never knew she had it in her ;-)

My favourite events of the Olympic games would have to be the Gymnastics, Swimming, Rowing, Cycling, Athletics and the Diving. I mean who wouldn't love the diving when you have the beautiful Tom Daley to stare speedos! Okay, so I thought you might like to know, I have a huge crush on Tom Daley. He's just perfect. I have so much respect for him too, especially after the difficult time of losing his dad. He's been so successful at such a young age and I've got my fingers crossed for him at these games! I'm gonna admit, I screamed a little when I saw him at the opening ceremony last night but oh well! However, I found out today he has a girlfriend. I was hearbroken, I really was. Make sure you all watch the Men's 10m Synchro and support Tom Daley and his partner Peter Waterfield on Monday at 3pm! My friend Amber and I are having a little party to watch it, just us two. We're going to make posters and everything to show our support haha!

Tom Daley and Peter Waterfield
Of course, I was getting into the Olympic Spirit. I made a poster. I'm not an artist okay, and it wasn't big. I made it on an A4 size sheet of paper and held it whilst I was watching the ceremony. Sad, I know. But I was proud of my little poster. Also, I have a London Olympics cup and wristband, and guess where I got it from?! McDonalds of course! Yes, McDonalds have limited edition cups and wristbands. So, of course I sat with that cup filled with water and drank out of it whilst watching the ceremony. Just being supportive!

London Olympics Cup and Wristband.

My amazing poster!

Sorry about the fact I haven't posted in the past week, I'll try and post some more on my blog! This was just a different post because I thought it was relevant because the Olympics started today! I'd do anything to be at the London Olympics. I was going to volunteer but unfortunately I was too young. Boohoo! I wish I did a sport which I loved and stuck in with it, like swimming, diving or rowing. It would be amazing to compete in the Olympics. Definitely a story to tell the grandchildren eh? So for the two weeks I'll be perched in front of my TV watching the London Olympics. I've even made a programme of the different sports I want to watch, what time and what channel they're on. I love the Olympics okay!

Will you be watching the London Olympics? What sport is your favourite and who will you be supporting? Let me know! GO TEAM GB!

Charlotte xxx