Tuesday, 31 July 2012

MAC Pro Longwear Foundation Review.


For ages now, I've been wanting a foundation that's the right shade, gives great coverage and last a long time without fading. Over a month ago, I went make up shopping and walked into House of Fraser and straight over to the MAC counter. I asked the girl on the counter to help me find the correct shade for my skin tone and which foundation she would recommend. She showed me the MAC Pro Longwear Foundation. When I saw this I thought, 'ooh pro longwear, that's great, a long lasting foundation!'. She tested some shades along my jawline to find the perfect shade for my skin tone. At the time, my skin was rather pale, however, at the moment, I have a slight tan as I've only recently came back from my holiday.

The shade I have is NC15. It is one of the lighter shades, I think it's the second lightest shade, as I have quite pale skin. It's a lightweight foundation and doesn't feel too heavy on the skin, which is great. I hate it when foundation feels very cakey and heavy on my skin, it's like it doesn't allow it to breath. This foundation has a slight yellow undertone and gives medium coverage. I find that I need to add a bit of concealer to my blemishes as the foundation doesn't necessarily cover them fully. Also, in my make up routine, after my foundation I tend to apply a powder. This foundation can be left without a powder, especially if you rub it in well, but I usually apply a powder to give it a matte finish.

This foundation is meant to last 15 hours and it's true. If you use a primer underneath, this foundation lasts a long time. I don't tend to wear foundation for 15 hours though but it does last for the whole time I wear it and doesn't fade. Before I bought this foundation, I realised that when I went out, my foundation tended to fade and didn't last as long. With the MAC Pro Longwear foundation, my make up looks just like it does when I first apply it, which is great! Another bonus about this foundation, is the fact that it contains SPF 10. Great, it protects me from the sun too! Wooo! It's great in all weather conditions as it's very lightweight and keeps you fresh faced.

I love this foundation and I'm so glad I bought it and I can definitely see me re-purchasing this product. At a price of £24.00 it's good value for your money. It's a medium sized bottle and I don't use that much foundation so I can see it sitting in my make up box for rather a long time!

Have you tried MAC's Pro Longwear foundation? Let me know what you think of it!

Charlotte xxx