Sunday, 8 July 2012

My New Best Friend: Urban Decay Naked Palette.

Hey Everyone!

So, the other day I went shopping with my mam and brother, well, we were actually meant to be holiday shopping, but I needed to get some make up! It's my Year 11 prom on Wednesday and instead of going to get my make up professionally done, I've decided to do it myself. This, in a way, is a good thing because it will minus the amount of stress I will have on the day! I want to have quite natural coloured eyes, so I was looking for an eyeshadow palette with many shades of brown but I also wanted a bit of shimmer, just to brighten my eyes up a bit. I've read many reviews of the Urban Decay Naked Palette and all of them have been positive so I thought 'why not give it a try!?' I went into Debenhams and found the palette and I have to admit, I did a little 'woop woop!' inside. It came in at a price of £36, which could be quite pricey for some but I would say you get a lot of value for your money on this product! I'm in love with it! It has all the shades I was looking for!

There are a variety of different shades, some matte and some shimmer, ranging from light to dark colours. It has everything that I love! You could easily create a look by using a matte colour or you could add a shimmer on top. You could also use some of the darker colours for the crease of your eyelid to give the eye some definition. In this palette I have 5 favourite shades, they're called Naked, Sidecar, Buck, Half Baked and Smog. They work sooo well together and you can mix them up to make the eye look a lot more interesting. Sidecar, Half Baked and Smog are more of a shimmer shade whereas Naked and Buck are of a matte shade. I also love 2 of the darker shades, Creep and Gunmetal. These two shades are more a black/grey colour but they are great if you don't want to use eyeliner. I use these two colours as eyeliner if I want a more softer look.

From left to right: Creep, Gunmetal.
From left to right: Sidecar, Half Baked, Smog.

The palette also comes with an eyeshadow primer. This is an essential product to use especially when using this palette as it allows the eyeshadow to apply easily but also allows the eyeshadow to last a long time and not fade. This is perfect when you're at a party or a night out! I've realised that if I was at a party, my make up tends to have faded by the end of the night and not looked the same as it did at the beginning. However, by using the primer, it allows the eyeshadow to stay on and not let you to look like you've not even made an effort in your make up! It's such a cute little bottle too, which is a bonus!

 The Urban Decay Naked Palette is just perfect! My new best friend! All of the colours are just what I wanted and go with a lot of outfits! Great value for your money and will last a long time (hopefully)! This is one of the best products I've purchased and I highly recommend anyone to buy this product! I'm going to be using the different eyeshadows for my prom look which I will post about later on in the week!

Hope you all have a good day!
Charlotte xoxo