Sunday, 22 July 2012

Summer Holiday: Skiathos, Greece.


So, last week I went on holiday to a Greek island called Skiathos and it was amazing! Absolutely loved it! The weather was beautiful, the location was beautiful, the food was B-E-A-UTIFUL, so basically, everything about the holiday was beautiful! I didn't want to come home, I could've happily stayed there forever!

It was so hot in Skiathos and the sun was sooo powerful! But in a way, that was good because I got such a nice tan! It was great to walk around with a fresh face too, make up free. It did wonders for my skin! All I wore was a little bit of foundation, bronzer and some mascara! My hair, however, always goes flat in the humidity and because it was so hot at night, I rarely wore it down. I think there were two nights where I wore my hair down and used Lee Stafford's 'Beach Babe Sea Salt Spray' which I love! It makes my hair wavy/curly and gives it a great summer look. However, during the evenings, it was very humid and my hair started to get on my nerves as it is quite long and was just making me hotter. So the other nights I either wore my hair in a top knot or a messy ponytail. I love these two hairstyles and they're great for summer too! My hair went a lot lighter in the sun too! A week before I went away, I had my hair dyed a caramel brown, but on holiday, this went so much lighter so now I have blonde in my hair! Especially at the back!

Me and the mother :-)
Me and the brother :-)

 We stayed in a hotel called 'La Piscine Art Hotel' which I would totally recommend to anyone who is planning on having a holiday in Skiathos as it was excellent! Everyday we spent lying round the pool, apart from one day where we took a boat trip to two other islands called Skopelos and Alonisos, which were also gorgeous! The pool area was great and on the last day, we decided to lie on the sofa sunbeds which were so comfortable! The food was delicious! The best I've ever had! We stayed in the hotel restaurant on two nights and also went into Skiathos town and found some more restaurants which were also delicious! I pigged out last week, ate so much food!

The pool!

On the sofa sun beds!
Of course, when I was on holiday, I went shopping. Duuuh! You have to explore the shops, it's a must! Everytime I go on holiday I always buy little bracelets, it's like a tradition for me! Every shop sold little patterned bracelets, it was hard to choose! I ended up buying two, which I usually do. I also bought a cute little bowl, a little ornament for my room. It's so pretty! And of course, I had a good old look in duty free! Skiathos airport is quite small so there was only a small duty free shop and a cafe, but I managed to sweet talk my dad into buying me a cheeky little perfume. It was a treat! I got 'Daisy by Marc Jacobs'. The scent is gorgeous and the bottle is so cute with the little flowers on the lid!

I would love to go back to Skiathos! I only got back on Friday afternoon and within half an hour of being home, I wanted to go back! I was even considering staying on the airplane until it took off again to go back, but, I wasn't allowed...was worth a shot! I just want to be back there lying in the sun rather than being in this weather! I mean, it's meant to be summer! This British weather is definitely not summer! There's a huge difference from Skiathos to Newcastle!

So yeah, basically I just wanted to write a little post and share some photos with you from my holiday in Skiathos! I would highly recommend any of you to go to the island of Skiathos as it is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to!

Charlotte xxx