Monday, 6 August 2012

My Favourite Nail Polishes.


Hope you are all okay! I've decided to do a little post to share with you my favourite nail polishes. I read on loads of blogs about many peoples favourite selection of nail polishes and they usually do a medium sized selection of their favourite colours. Well, my selection isn't medium sized. In fact, it's quite small, with my favourite nail polishes being a selection of 3 colours. These 3 colours are by far my favourite nail polishes I have ever owned from my one of my favourite make up ranges, Barry M. They all cost £2.99 which is a great price and there is a huge range of colours, I could literally buy them all. But, money doesn't grow on trees so yes, I do have to restrain myself!

I always use Barry M's base coat, top coat and nail hardener when painting my nails also. It would be best to always use a base coat, as it makes the nail polish glide on easily. The base coat also protects your nails from any stains or discolouring from your nail polish, especially if you're wearing a dark colour. I definitely need to buy more Barry M nail paints as they're all beautiful colours! I always use the clear base coat, then I apply 2 colours to give a strong colour, and then finish it off with a clear top coat to prevent the colour from chipping. I've noticed that the nail varnishes last up to a week, at least, with no chips, which is great! The base coat helps a lot too! I'm not a dark nail colour kinda girl and I tend to wear a lot of light, pastel colours with the occasional red once in a while. I don't know, I just don't think dark colours suit my fingernails. There are some colours which are better for your toenails and some which are better for your fingernails and dark colours definitely suit my toenails much better!

From left to right: Strawberry Ice Cream, Peach Melba, Coral.
Strawberry Ice Cream 309:

This colour is basically explained in its name, 'Strawberry Ice Cream'. It does remind me of strawberry ice cream actually as it's quite light and soft. It is very much a pastel baby pink. I love this colour. It's very pastel which I love and it's so cute. I always apply two coats of this colour to give it a strong colour on my nails and it goes well on both my toenails and fingernails, although I do prefer to apply it to my fingernails.

Peach Melba 318:

Okay, so, I love love LOVE this colour! I literally fell in love with it as soon as I saw it on the Barry M counter in Boots. It is a peachy pink colour and is such a nice colour! It's great for all seasons and works so well when you have a tan! It matches most outfits too! I use this on both my fingernails and toenails and I always apply two coats.

Coral 296:

I've only recently bought this nail polish, only last month actually. I bought it for my holiday because I wanted a coral colour nail varnish because I didn't actually own one before. I painted my toenails with this colour and loved it and then half way through my holiday, I painted my fingernails with it. IT WENT SO WELL WITH MY TAN! Seriously, I love it. The coral colour is really brought out when you have a tan and it goes well on both my fingernails and toenails and again I apply two coats but always make sure to apply a basecoat before otherwise it will stain my nails.

So, these were 3 of my favourite nail polishes which I own. I will definitely have to buy more of the Barry M range. I do own a couple more but I need to save up and purchase I few more cheeky little ones ;-) I also want to try the Models Own range because all of their colours are gorgeous! In need of a little shopping trip me thinks!

Charlotte xxx