Saturday, 1 September 2012

Liquid Sunshine in a Bottle...Benefit Sunbeam


I'm so sorry I haven't posted anything on my blog in what feels like ages, but I haven't had the time recently! I've been busy basically everyday for the past few weeks and just haven't had the time to post anything on my blog. So, I do promise I will try to keep up the blog posts, at least it will get my mind of the fact I start sixth form on Tuesday. Eurghhh.

I've been reading on many peoples blogs about many different highlighters and I wanted to try one of my own so a while ago I went shopping (as per) and bought Benefit's 'Sunbeam' highlighter. Unlike most highlighting products this isn't a pastel shade but more of a warm golden bronze that has a yellow undertone which should suit the majority of skin tones. In my opinion, I don't think any skin tones will have a problem with this highlighter as it suits all types as it is a soft bronze that contains a slight shimmer that brings warmth to the skin.

I always love the packaging by Benefit, they make it so attractive. 'Liquid Sunshie in a Bottle' immediately drew me in to the product.

The bottle is designed like the other highlighting products from Benefit which is a small nail varnish like bottle. This makes it much easier to apply as it gives you a small amount to use so that you don't use too much. The brush makes it easy to apply on the areas which you want to use the highlighter.

I apply Benefit Sunbeam on the top of my cheekbones and my brow bones. This product comes with a mini help leaflet to give you tips on how to apply it. I always blend with my fingers towards the hairline on my cheekbones as it states in the booklet and blend with my fingers on my brow bones.

I love this product as it gives a real warmth to the skin. However, I would only use this in the Summer as it gives a tanned look. It is part of the highlighter range from Benefit which also includes 'Highbeam' and 'Moonbeam'. I would really like to try 'Highbeam' as it has a pink undertone to it so that would be great for autumn/winter. This product retails at £18.50, it may seem a bit expensive for such a small bottle, but I have had this product for about a month now and I still have loads left.

Charlotte xxx