Monday, 29 October 2012

Every girl loves a bit of sparkle...outfit post!

Hey Everyone!

Hope you have all had a lovely weekend! I'm on half term this week so I'm soooo happy to finally have a week off where I can just relax...kind of. Even though, I have revision, euuurgh. Anyway, I thought I'd do another outfit post from a party that I went to last night. I actually had time to get a photo this time as well, even though I was rushing to get ready! So here it is...

Top: Vero Moda, House of Fraser
Leggings: Marks and Spencers
Shoes: Office

I don't usually wear sequined tops and stuff, but I saw this top in House of Fraser on one of the mannequins and really liked it so I had to try it on! I was going to try and get some leather looking leggings to go with it but I was trying to save my money for going away this week, so I stuck with my good pair of black leggings which go with EVERYTHING. 

Sorry about the short post, but that's what I wore for the party last night! I'm dying my hair this evening which I can't wait for! It's in desperate need of a colouring! I should have a blog post up about that sometime this week!

Charlotte xxx