Friday, 12 October 2012

My Style Icons.

Hi Everyone

Hope you're all having a good week! I thought I'd do a random post about who I admire these days and who I like to follow the style of. In the past I've followed many different celebrities and their styles, from Pixie Lott to Cheryl Cole and many other people. But lately, I've been following three main people who's style I absolutely adore! I always try to make my own style unique and original but yknow, I need a good direction to go in and that's where my Holy Bible, LOOK Magazine comes in.

So the first style icon is Caroline Flack. Gotta love the Flackers! Her style is gorgeous! I'm a hug fan of peter pan collars, high waisted shorts etc and Caroline pulls these off so well! Every week on Xtra Factor I always look out to see what she's wearing and I'm always so jel! Proper envy her style and wish I had her wardrobe! It's not only her style that I love, however, her hair is perfect and her figure...omg wish I could just have her legs. Sorry, got a little girl crush going on here but so what! I love her. Definitely one of my main style icons!

The next style icon is Mollie King from The Saturdays. I'm a huge fan of The Saturdays and I love all of their styles to be honest! But my favourite has to be Mollie. As well as her bubbly personality and gorgeous smile, her wardrobe is just unreal! She's very girly and loves her dresses with her big bags. She's always in the magazines and I love finding out where she gets her clothes from just so I can go and purchase a few! I love her hair, especially since she got it cut short. A while back, I was tempted to get my hair cut short because I loved Mollie's but I decided I couldn't leave my long hair!

The final icon is both a fashion and beauty icon for me. This is Millie Mackintosh from Made in Chelsea. Just a warning, I'm probably going to share my love of Millie with you throughout my blog cause I literally love her! She always has perfect glowing skin and I'm trying my hardest to get skin like hers! Her hair is absolutely gorgeous, a couple of months ago I had my hair dyed a similar caramel colour and I loved it. Except now it's starting to turn ginger...definitely in need of a dye! I always envy Millie and I can't wait for Made in Chelsea to start again on Monday! Monday nights are now complete!

So I thought I'd do a quick post about who's style and beauty tips I'm following at the moment. Got a busy weekend ahead. A two day induction at work! Gonna be a looooong weekend, but I've got X Factor and a chinese takeaway to look for to tomorrow night so it's all good! Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Charlotte xxx