Saturday, 3 November 2012

Shopping Spree!


Half term has been a busy week for me! I've literally been all over the country from Bristol to Cardiff to York! I was visiting family in Bristol and also in Cardiff and then York was a 2 day visit full of shopping! I was in my element! First, I love Cardiff. I've never been before because I've never been able to. My parents and I were visiting my brother and he took us on a tour of Cardiff. We did a little bit of shopping whilst he was at a lecture at university and then we went for some lunch at a great pub! He then took us round the student union, the radio station where he does his radio shows (which you can listen to online at for anyone who's interested ;-)) and he took us to The Taff - the famous Cardiff student union pub! I love Cardiff though, it's got such a good atmosphere! As I said, we did do a little bit of shopping, but I didn't really buy much from Cardiff, I was leaving money for York, even though most of the shops were the same and I could've just bought stuff from Cardiff but hey ho!

I went into Cath Kidston, one of my favourite shops ever. If I had the money, I would literally buy everything from there because everything is just gorgeous! I love the mugs from Cath Kidston. I bought the one on the left in York because yknow, you can't not have too many mugs! That mug cost £5, however, with my student card I got 10% of so it was actually £4.50. Not bad! I've been wanting a nice make up brush holder and I decided to use a Cath Kidston mug for them (middle). This mug cost £6 but with my student card it was £5.40. The last purchase from Cath Kidston was a make up bag. Now, I can become a bit of a hoarder when it comes to make up bags, I have far too many. But, I needed a smaller one for my everyday bag so I decided to buy this one. It's just the right size and it comes with a matching mirror! It cost £10 but again with my student discount I got it for £9 :-)

Now onto York. York is one of my favourite cities ever, if not my favourite! I could live there, it's the most gorgeous place I've ever been and the shops, well, I can go a bit crazy in the shops. One of my favourite shops in York is called Saffrons. They sell quirky little bits and pieces for your home etc. Everytime I go to York I've always wanted to buy this photo frame but I've always left it. So, after I realised I had just been paid I thought, right, I'm definitely getting it this time! It cost £12.95. The next item I bought was this 'eco-cup'. I kept saying to my mam that I wanted one of these but with a Cath Kidston print on. However, Cath Kidston don't do them and when I found this in Saffrons, I was over the moon! 

I went into Jack Wills and they were doing 20% on all of their autumn range! This ends tomorrow, 4th November, so get yourself down to a Jack Wills store or on their website. I've been wanting a pair of joggers for a while from Jack Wills and I saw these and I really like them! They're a burgundy colour and skinny fit, unlike others that have more give to them. They were reduced to around £33 from about £39, which is pretty good! And they were a treat off my parents, aww how kind of them!

 I went into Topshop and bought a couple of things. I bought these tan coloured brogues and faded denim jeggings. I fell in love with these brogues as soon as I saw them! I have an obsession with brogues, I absolutely love them and these are my new little beauties! The brogues were £30 and the jeggings were £22 but because of where I work I got staff discount so I got 25% off which reduced both of them together from about £52 to £39. Wooo!

 This jumper is from a shop called Ark. It's one of my favourite shops in York and has some gorgeous clothes. The kharki colour is all in for autumn and I'm starting to stock up on knitted jumpers because it feels more like winter than autumn! This came in at £22.99 which is pretty reasonable!

This dress is from New Look and cost £30. I love the burgundy colour, it's very autmun/winter and I love any dress that's lace! This comes with a tan coloured belt and is a definite outfit for winter parties and I think 
I might wear it for Christmas day! I can't wait to wear this!

As well as the city of York, we also went to the designer outlet. The outlet is great for prices. I got this little Yankee Candle. I've been obsessing over Yankee Candles for ages and have mentioned them to my parents a million times to hint to them that I would like one for Christmas...I hope they get that hint ;-) Anyway, I decided to get a small jar, to try them out, rather than spending a lot on a big jar and then not liking them.  I got 'Midnight Jasmine' and it smells gorgeous before I've even lit it! I'm going to light it tonight whilst watching X Factor so I'll let you all know what I think! It was on special offer at the time and cost £6.29! I went into The Body Shop where they had some good deals on. They had 'buy 2 and get 30% off' so I decided to buy their BB Cream and their brow and lash gel. After reading Corrie's review from DizzyBrunette3 on this product, I thought I'd give it a go. The cream adapts to the colour of your skin and I tried it this morning and I think I should've gone for shade 1 rather than 2 because shade 2 is a bit dark for me, but I'll keep using it and see how I feel about it!

I'm so sorry about how long this post is but I really wanted to share with you what I bought this week from my mini break away! Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Charlotte xxx