Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015.

My blog has been a bit quiet lately, I feel like I didn't have time or motivation to write anything and it got to a point where I was annoyed at myself for not blogging. I wanted to start 2015 well by blogging more often and giving myself a routine. But of course that didn't happen, I blame exams. Let's just use the excuse that I had loads of university work to do and an exam to revise for so I didn't have much spare time...lol.

Even though I'm totally behind and probably the last person on the internet to do this, but I wanted to "start the year off" with my "resolutions". I remember writing a post like this last year (which you can read here) and called it my "wishlist" rather than resolutions because like many others, I never keep my resolutions. "New year new me" turns into a lazy person with no energy who's life revolves around numerous hours of television, not getting out of pyjamas and thinking about all the productive things that could be done. This is me. I always think I'll be healthy, start exercising and be more productive but it doesn't happen no matter how much I  try! This year, however, I did change how I eat. I decided to start eating more fruit rather than snacking on crap, and so my fridge at uni is full of strawberries, grapes, bananas and all that jazz. Exercise, on the other hand, is out of the equation. That is not me. But anyway, here are my goals for 2015:

1. Be healthy
As mentioned, I've started to eat more fruit recently rather than snacking on rubbish so I hope this continues, I promise myself I will try. Ever since I started uni, I realised I was just eating stupid things and not paying attention to what I was making. Since coming back after Christmas I've started to cook more ambitious meals and not just all that typical student stuff because as well as wanting to be healthy I want to have more knowledge about what I', actually eating. As well as eating healthy, I want to exercise a bit more, not all the time, but maybe at least once a week to keep myself fit. Ever since I quit dancing I haven't done much exercise and I really want to do more!

2. Create a better blog
Like I said before, I've lost all motivation to blog recently but I love it so much that I don't want to stop. I plan to post between two to three times a week, hopefully every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday because I have more time off now so I'll be able to blog more! My blog has had a makeover (FINALLY courtesy of the boyf) so I'm hoping that this will give me more motivation because before, I felt like it looked awful and there was nothing really interesting about it. Basically because I had no clue about html or whatever you use...

3. Start YouTube
Right, I've said this for a long time now but I never have the guts to do it. I spend a lot of time watching YouTube videos and thinking about starting one. I know loads of people say just do it but I'm so nervous. I think I'd enjoy it but I'm worried incase I lose motivation but hopefully, once I get into a blogging routine and build on this I'll be able to start a channel. watch this space...

4. Change my hair
I've been thinking, I want to cut my hair. And by cutting my hair I mean going to the hairdressers because there's no chance I'd be able to it myself. Imagine what I'd look like! I want to go shorter. I'm getting a bit tired of my long hair, it gets everywhere and I always end up tying it up in a ponytail or bun so I thought why not have less hassle and chop it all off? I know I'll chicken out and not do it because I can't part with my hair but I thought it would be a nice change. I've been obsessed with Pinterest recently and have found so many pictures of the style I want and makes me want to get it cut even more. If I get that done, I might add a little bit of blonde too, who knows.

5. Stop stressing
I STRESS WAY TOO MUCH. Even the smallest thing worries me and get into a mood where all I'm doing is stressing over something that doesn't need to be stressed about, and the stress of that gets me more stressed. Do you get me? I'm going to try and stop over thinking about the tiniest things and live a lot more carefree, without sounding too much like a hippie.

What are your 2015 resolutions?

Charlotte xxx

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