Thursday, 26 December 2013

Who to watch...

Hey guys!

I love watching YouTube videos. Watching YouTube has become part of my daily routine and when my favourite YouTubers upload a new post, I get all excited like a child on Christmas Eve (or maybe a 17 year old girl who still acts like a kid when it comes to Christmas...). So I thought I'd share with you who I've been loving lately and why and would recommend any of them to you!

Gabriella has only been on YouTube for about 7 months but she honestly looks like a professional. She is so beautiful and her make up tutorials are amazing. She makes very creative looks and always gives her full opinion on everything. She is so quirky as well which is what I love about her! Definitely a new favourite!

Sophie is so adorable and so pretty! I love watching her videos and has honest opinions on everything! Her make up always looks flawless and she has such a soft voice that makes her really easy to listen to. That sounds so weird but honestly, watch her videos!

*Trying to pronounce that in my BEST French accent* Becca's videos are really girly and quirky. I love watching her haul and lookbook videos and she's so funny to watch, she comes out with some amusing things. She's also becoming really close friends with Gabs from Velvetgh0st and together they're hilarious!

Chloe is another beauty YouTuber who I absolutely love. I started watching her through Velvetgh0st (Gabriella is getting a lot of mention today!) after she gave her a few shoutouts on Instagram and I am not disappointed. She is also one of my new favourites and I loooove her make up tutorials so much, they're perfect for what I like doing!

Corrie has been my all time favourite blogger/YouTuber since I first got into blogging. I love her videos and always trust her opinion on everything! Actually, whenever she says something good about a product, I'm always adding it to my wishlist. She is gorgeous and I absolutely love her style, hair and make up. She's also just got the cutest dog ever! Watch her videos! You can also check out her blog too. Ultimate fav!

So these are daily vloggers who basically film every single day of their lives. I've watched them for over a year now and I love watching them. Jonathon and Anna are the nicest couple and have the most adorable little girl, Emilia. They're also expecting a baby boy which I am soooo excited about, can't contain it! Feel like I'm part of their family *emotional moment*.

There you have it, my current favourite YouTubers. Let me know in the comments below who you love to watch and give me some recommendations! I always love discovering new channels!

Hope you have a great week!

Charlotte xxx

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