Sunday, 27 April 2014

Benefit Rockateur Blush || Review

As you all know, I love collecting blushes. The Rockateur blush has been a well hyped product in the blogosphere and a favourite of many. I received this as a gift for Christmas and was super excited to try it! I've been admiring the boxed powders from Benefit for a long time and always wanted to start a collection because I loved the packaging and heard many good things about the products and so, Rockateur is my first edition!

This blush is a beautiful rose gold shimmery shade which gives a gorgeous glow to the cheeks. I always love a good highlight and I think this does a great job! I've been applying this with a bit of Benefit's Sun Beam highlighter which I have started to love again recently. I apply this underneath then dust a bit of Rockateur on top. You don't need much but you can easily layer it up to give the effect you're looking for. I think that it helps to give a lovely sun-kissed look and it's a great shade for summer!

The packaging of the blush is of course, a little bit beautiful just like any other Benefit product. I'm a huge fan of their quirky, individual styles and this packaging really stands out. The blush was so pretty and the pattern engraved on it was too good to touch. I actually didn't use it for a little while because I was so afraid of spoiling the little thing. However, I gave in to temptation to use it. It's safe to say it doesn't look the way it used to...*cries*

Unlike others I actually quite like the brush that is already given and tend to use it when applying the blush. I feel like it gives off just the right amount of product and is a good shape and size when it comes to applying it to my cheeks.

The Rockateur blush comes in at £23.50 and you can buy it from Boots or most department stores. I would highly recommend this product if you're looking for a subtle glow to the cheeks, especially for summer!

Have you tried the Rockateur blush?

Charlotte xxx

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