Wednesday, 3 April 2013

My Top 4 Spring Lipsticks

Hello lovely viewers!

As spring has eventually met up with us I thought it would be time to start ditching the chunky jumpers, warm coats and winter colours and enter the world of pastels, dresses and sunny weather! However, I do live in the UK so entering the world of sunny weather is a rare occasion. Today, I'm starting to feel a lot more summery because surprisingly, the sun is out but it's still freezing which is a huge downside. If only it was warmer then this weather would be perfect and I could be outside in the garden writing this blog post rather than inside the house.

Anyway, moving on. I thought I'd share with you all my 4 favourite lipsticks at the moment for spring. Now, I'm a pastel kinda girl and I'm very unlikely to be seen with any vibrant colour on my lips. However, lately, I've started to relax a bit and actually wear other colours rather than pink or nude. Go Charlotte! The group of lipsticks that I have chosen contains MAC Vegas Volt, Rimmel Lasting Finish in Pink Blush, MAC Creme Cup and MAC Hue. As you can see most of them are MAC lipsticks, but, I love MAC lipsticks and you can't go wrong with them; they smell great, feel great and look great!

From left to right: Vegas Volt, Pink Blush, Creme Cup and Hue.

From left to right: Vegas Volt, Pink Blush, Creme Cup and Hue.
MAC Vegas Volt: I bought this just after Christmas and I wore it quite a bit around New Year. I love this colour and although I have never been a red lipstick girl, I fell in love with the colour of this lipstick as soon as I applied it. It is more of a coral colour rather than a strong red and it will look great in the sun, especially with a tan. Check out my full review on this product on my blog!

Rimmel Lasting Finish in Pink Blush: I love this lipstick. I wasn't intending to buy it but there was a 3 for 2 offer on in Superdrug and well, you know what it's like girls, when there's on offer like that on it would be too rude to just ignore it...So I bought this lipstick, not really knowing anything about it and what it was going to be like. It is a bright pink colour, very pigmented and lasts a long time. I wore this to a 4 hour shift at work and it was still the same after my shift to what it was before. Ahhh I do like a good long lasting lipstick. I'm going to do a full review on this product at a later date to tell you all more about it but honestly, I would highly recommend this lipstick. I will definitely have to try some other colours from the range!

MAC Creme Cup: I bought this lipstick alongside Vegas Volt at Christmas. It's from the cremesheen collection which is a moisturising lipstick range from MAC. It is a pastel pink colour and has a slight shine to it. It is so long lasting and smells and tastes amazing! I always find this is the case with MAC lipsticks, as well as being long lasting and super pigmented, they smell and taste like vanilla. Extra brownie points right there! This colour goes together great with a smokey eye. I always find that it's best to match a lighter shade on your lips with a statement eye. This colour is great for spring and will last into summer too!

MAC Hue: I have only recently bought this product and when I saw it I liked the fact that it wasn't a bright pink or pastel like I would normally go to, but rather a soft pinky nude, if you get me. This lipstick is matte and again, long lasting. Like Creme Cup, it goes well with a smoky eye as it doesn't look too full on and is quite a natural coloured lipstick. It is definitely part of my everyday look as it is quite a subtle colour but still contributes a lot to the look.

So there you have it, my top 4 spring lipsticks. I really hope it starts to get warmer soon, I'm sick of wearing coats. I'd rather just walk out in a summer dress, sandals and that too much to ask for?!

Hope you all have a great day and speak soon!
Charlotte xxx

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