Thursday, 24 September 2015

Review: Ardell Fashion Lash Demi Wispies False Eyelashes

I've never been a false eyelashes kinda girl, purely because I was so useless at applying them. But recently, I've been starting to wear them more, particularly on nights out and I've really been loving them. I have a few sets of falsies already but my recent purchase were these little beauties: Ardell's Demi Wispies lashes, the most well know lashes on the internet, if I'm honest. I'm not the type of person to go all out, I prefer people to not be staring at my eyes trying to figure out if my eyelashes are real or not so I opt for the more natural look. I have worn these a few times and people thought they were my natural lashes so that's a bonus!

I hate it when my lashes irritate the inner corner of my eyes so when I first tried them on, I ended up trimming the left eyelash (which now makes them look a bit odd but never mind) as I could feel it and I knew it would bug me all night. I love how natural these lashes look, don't look too over the top but add extra length and volume to your own lashes. I really like eyelashes that have more volume towards the outer corner as I think that is very flattering on the eye and makes the eyes look bigger than they are. I'm always a bit weary about wearing eyelashes, particularly on a night out, as I worry incase they fall off in the middle of the club. The half eyelash look doesn't really suit me, I must admit. But, they do last all night which is perfect! There is eyelash glue in the box but I tend to use the glue that comes with the Eylure lashes because I find that works best and I can easily take it out with me if I need to fix things up. 

They're so easy to apply, and that's good for a useless eyelash applier like me. I swear down I just make names up on my blog. They're so affordable as well at only £5.49 and you can buy them at either Superdrug or Boots

Have you tried the Demi Wispies?

Charlotte xxx

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