Tuesday, 1 September 2015

My Favourite Ever Nail Polish - Essie's Fiji

Could this be my favourite EVER nail polish? I think so. Essie's 'Fiji' has always been a firm favourite of mine. Yes, I know, it is one of the most talked about nail polishes out there but I can completely understand why. This is the perfect pinky nude and one of those colours that always makes your nails look like they have been professionally done. If I don't know what colour to wear I always seem to be drawn to this colour. It is so wearable and suits every skin colour. I particularly adore this in the summer when I have a tan because I think there is nothing more polished and pretty than tanned skin with pink, white or nude nails, and this nail varnish fits in all of those categories. It is very much a milky pink and only needs two coats to create a solid colour. It lasts a long time too, I always find Essie nail polishes to be the most long lasting polishes I've worn. This colour isn't just a summer colour either, it is wearable all year round and I love it so much that I've had to repurchase this product because I wear it CONSTANTLY!

Have you tried Essie's 'Fiji'?

Charlotte xxx

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