Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Review: Topshop 'Rio Rio' Lipstick

A red lip is a must have for every girl. I just think there's something so sassy about a girl when she wears red (cue sassy girl emoji). Summer is the perfect time to be wearing a bright red lip, particularly and orange-toned red, however as the transition into my favourite month, Autumn, is upon us, the deep berry reds will begin to come. But I don't see what is stopping us from wearing our bright reds, hey girls? I've never really been the type of person to give into the hype of Topshop make up and ever since they released their own make up line in 2010, I didn't really seem to bother much about it. To this day I own 5 products: 2 nail varnishes, 2 lipsticks and 1 lip pencil in the shade 'Coy' (which Corrie from Dizzybrunette3 made me buy way back. Yes Corrie, you did). I also had an eyeliner which I absolutely loved but sadly I had to part ways a few months ago.  

This year, Topshop celebrated their 5th birthday for their make up line and for this, they brought out their 5 best selling lipsticks, nail polishes, black liquid liner, 'Head Over Heels' blush and their 'Glow' highlighter in a stunning new packaging. I love the Topshop packaging already however changing the original black detail to rose gold just topped it off for me. I love a bit of rose gold me, and Topshop just pushes all my rose gold loving buttons. At the beginning of Summer, I took a trip to Westfield in London. Being a Northern girl, I don't go here often and had actually only been once before my recent trip but having a Southern boyfriend means I can take a few more trips I guess. I decided to add 'Rio Rio' to my Topshop collection, a bright orange-toned, matte red perfect for Summer but also the upcoming Autumn months. As well as deep reds, orange reds are one of my favourite kind of reds. Say red again? Red.

This lipstick is super long lasting. I am so impressed with the longevity of this lipstick, this is particularly down to the fact that it is matte but still, it is most definitely a positive. I love matte lips. I love my shiny lips but I have never been a fan of lipglosses, just creamy and glossy looking lipsticks. Matte lips are all in at the minute, particulary in Autumn and Winter. Unlike some matte lipsticks, this one is not drying which is great because as the colder weather draws in, the dry lips come out. It is defintiely a bright colour, however it would suit every skin tone. I love it because it makes my teeth look super white, especially if I have a tan going on. BONUS. This shade is perfect for the transition of Summer into Autumn and is one of my go-to lips at the moment.

Charlotte xxx

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