Thursday, 17 September 2015


I LOVE AUTUMN. As it's now September, I can say that it is officially Autumn. Don't get me wrong, I love Summer, but once my birthday is over I just want Christmas, jumpers and berry lips. 

Here's what I'm excited for and love about Autumn:

1. Dark nights. I love light nights in the Summer but when the dark nights start to creep in, it makes me excited for Christmas (16 Fridays!!) I always love the cosy feel that they bring and especially when you're wrapped up in bed and not going anywhere, it's the perfect feeling.

2. Candles. Oh my goodness gracious me, I love candles. What's not to love?! I light candles all year round but it doesn't get as serious as it does from September. I light a candle nearly everyday, just for a few hours, and it makes my room smell so Autumnal, particularly when the cinnamon and pumpkin scents come out to play. 

3. Rain. This is funny because I hate rain when I'm out in it but when I'm all warm and cosy inside and I can hear the rain hitting off my window, I'm in heaven. And what's better than that? Thunderstorms.

4. Jumpers. I love a good woolly jumper and what is a better time to get them out than in Autumn. In England, it's always cold, but we're still in the transition from Summer to Autumn so it's still not quite woolly jumper weather. Still wear them though...

5. Bonfire night. Fireworks are one of my favourite things and when the 5th November comes, I can't wait to put on my hat, scarf, gloves and wellies and trail through a muddy field and watch the firework display with my favourite people.

6. Onesies. Need I say more?

7. Fires. Since I'm at uni, we don't have a fire. So I love going home and sitting in the living room with my parents whilst we have the log burner on. There's something so relaxing about the sound of the logs burning and watching the flames. And it keeps me warm too of course.

8. Berry lips. As a beauty lover, I had to include something make up related. I love whipping out my trusty Rimmel 107, a beautiful dark berry toned red, perfect for Autumn/Winter

9. Autumn colours. Khaki, burgundy, black, grey and white. I love wearing these type of colours. I feel like they're the perfect Autumnal combination and match the leaves on the trees. Because who doesn't love to coordinate with trees ey?

10. Baths. I have baths all year round and there is no secret in that. But there's something about a bath in Autumn/Winter when it's cold outside that makes them much more special. Using a bath bomb that smells just like Autumn would smell, if it had a smell (SMELL SMELL SMELL), puts the icing on the cake.

11. Fairy lights. Since moving into my new house at uni, I decided I wanted to make my room cosy. I decorated my bed with fairy lights and when they're on at nighttime, it makes the room a lot warmer. Is that possible? I think they're an essential for Autumn.

12. Christmas is coming. Well this is obvious. Like I said, once my birthday is over in August, I get so excited for Christmas. It's my favourite time of year and I am SO excited.

What's your favourite thing about Autumn?

Charlotte xxx

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