Sunday, 21 April 2013

My Current Wishlist...

Hello my lovelies!

Lately, I've been trying to save my money but whenever I get paid, it always cries out to me. I feel like I can't just leave the money, sitting there, all alone with nothing to be spent on. Yes, I know I sound like my money and I have a close relationship. I am such a bad shopper, I save up my money for a short period of time and I think to myself, "Well done Charlotte, you're doing great, keep going!" Then I end up going on what is supposed to be a "quick trip" to town and then BAM my purse feels surprisingly lighter...

To give me a break from revision, I sometimes find myself browsing the online shops of the tinterwebs to see what fashion and beauty items I can drool over. Since Spring/Summer is crawling upon us I have decided to refrain myself from buying jumpers and to start purchasing dresses, bikinis and anything summery that catches my eye. I have also started to buy items for my summer holidays this year so that I'm not rushing at the last minute. I have also included some beauty items in my wishlist that I would love to splash some cash on. So, let's get started...
Beautysets - My Current Wishlist

Purple Marl Embroidered Dress, River Island - £22.00 - I saw this dress a couple of weeks ago on the River Island website and thought it was gorgeous! I took a trip to town to see if I could find it but there wasn't any in my size. I was contemplating whether to order it online or not because I always think the delivery fee is too much especially added to the price of the dress. On Monday I found out that River Island were doing 20% off student days from Tuesday to Thursday. Bonus! I could get 20% off which would bring it to £17.50 which is great. So I went online again, cards at the ready only to find out they were all sold out apart from one size, which wasn't mine. I could've cried. I really hope it comes in stock soon. This dress would be perfect in the sun and is such a nice little day dress which you could wear with some tan gladiator sandals and aviators. A perfect look! *BREAKING NEWS GUYS: I've just found this on ASOS. Life saver!

Coral Stripe Frill Bikini Top and Pants, Topshop - £12.00 and £10.00 - I've started to look at bikinis for my holiday and although I have some perfectly good ones already, I always feel the need to buy some new sets. I found this set from Topshop which don't really come as a set but separately. I love coral in the summer because I always think the colour matches with a tan. I love striped bikinis and I think this little number would be lovely for my holiday. 

Cream Lace Playsuit Cover Up, Topshop - £30.00 - I've been wanting a white/cream cover up for a while now because I always think that the colour against a fresh tan looks divine! It always brings your tan out. I found this from Topshop and loved the detailing however, at a price of £30.00 it is pretty pricey. I always find that when I wear sun cream on holiday and then wear a white or cream cover up, the cream always rubs off onto it and makes a yellow stain which is impossible to get out. Need to save my pennies for this little beauty!

Celestial Powder by Kevyn Aucoin, Space NK - £34.00 - "A gorgeous, elegant shimmer powder for an angelic glow." Doesn't that sound amazing? I first found out about this product by watching a video and reading a blog post by Corrie from DizzyBrunette3 which you can view here. She was wearing it in the video and I envied her glow. So, I thought I'd read up on the product and I read a few blogs and reviews and now I can't wait to try it. This product is a powdered highlighter and is supposed to be the 'highlighter of all highlighters'. I do love a good glow and I've been trying to find the perfect product to do this. However, it is pretty expensive but maybe you will hear more on this product soon. Who knows...

NARS Laguna Bronzer - £26.00 - I first heard about this product around summertime last year, which literally seems like yesterday, why does time go so fast?! Anyway, I saw that my ultimate girl crush, Millie Mackintosh uses it. I like to use bronzer to help sculpt my cheekbones but also in the summer, I like to powder a bit slightly all over my face alongside a tan. The colour 'Laguna' is such a nice tan colour and seems to be glowing, especially on Millie. Millie is the goddess of perfect glowing skin and I'm on a mission to find the exact way to achieve this.

There you have it, my current wishlist. Yeah, I do need to save my money if I am to buy all of this. There's nothing wrong with a cheeky purchase here and there, is there?

Charlotte xxx

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