Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Let's take a look back into 2013...

Hi everybody!

How fast has this year gone?! I can't believe 2014 is just around the corner and we have to say goodbye to 2013. I can remember writing a similar post to this taking a look back into 2012, which was an unbelievable year! For me, 2013 has been a mixture of a year. It's had its ups and downs however, the majority of it has been amazing! I thought I'd share with some of my favourite moments of the year, along with a few (really badly done) collages that I made with a few of my favourite pictures. So, let's begin...


At the beginning of the year, my parents and I travelled to London for a few days, as a sort of mini holiday. London is one of my favourite cities and I used to go quite a lot when I was younger as my dad worked there so I know the city quite well. However, when he changed jobs, we weren't able to visit as much as we used to. Now, that he is located back in London, we decided to make a little journey down South for a long weekend. We went shopping in London and Westfield, did all the touristy sightseeing things and then went to see Wicked which is something I've been wanting to see for a very long time. This visit brought me back to when we used to go down and it was nice to just get away and spend time with the family. Also, I had just got a new camera for Christmas so I was very excited to look like a typical tourist with it round my neck and take a few (just kidding, a lot) of photos!

Cayman Islands
Our family holiday this year was to the Cayman Islands in the Caribbean and it's safe to say that this was one of my favourite holidays by far. Having two weeks relaxing in the sun, getting a tan and eating food was just perfect! I honestly could've lived there, I didn't want to leave! I think this would definitely be a place to revisit. I did a blog post about my holiday to Grand Cayman so if you want have a look, check it out here.

Great North Run
My dad started running as a hobby and decided to run the Great North Run which is a half marathon race in the North of England where people from around the country take part in. This year, my dad did it for St.Oswald's Hospice, a charity close to our family's heart and did us all proud! A few of us went to support and also went down to the charity village to meet him at the finish line. Although the weather was pretty cold and miserable, he still did it and we were all smiling. I think the fact that I saw and got a photo of Mo Farah was also another highlight to this event ;-)

Family Photos
When I was little, my dad used to do 'the magic'. This was when he basically put his camera on self-timer and took a photo of us all. We thought it was amazing, but nowadays, it's a pretty simple thing to do. It's not really magic anymore. But to bring back that little bit of childhood, we decided to do a couple this year. since my brother is at uni, we rarely get photos of all of us together because he is hardly ever home so we set up the tripod, put my camera on and boom....we have a few photos.


In March, I went on a school trip to Malham in Yorkshire for a Geography fieldtrip. We stayed there for 5 days to do preparation for our exams. Although it was a school visit and we had to do work, the other times were great. I remember a few of us went on a walk in the pitch black once and because where we stayed was in such an isolated area, that made it extra scary. One night, we were all so scared that we sprinted back to the house with our torches and had no idea where we were running because we couldn't see a thing. The amounts of cups of tea we had that week was ridiculous but it honestly was a pretty good trip!

Summer is always my favourite time of the year because I feel like you can do absolutely anything and don't have the pressure of school, work etc. One of my best memories would be when I went to York with one of my closest companions (he told me to say that), Matthew. I love York and like London, it's one of my favourite cities. We did a spot of shopping, but when I go to York I tend to spend ages in shops so I wouldn't really say a spot ;-) I think I might have bored Matthew out by spending a while in Boots. Sorry ;-) Another good memory would be my birthday. I always love celebrating my birthday because it's in Summer and I'm always off school. A group of friends and I went to Pizza Express for a nice meal but I also got to spend time with my family on the actual day of my birthday so I had a really nice time. I wrote an outfit post which you can read here. I can finally drive now yey! 

18th Birthdays
As of September, I have entered the year where everyone is turning 18. However, being an August baby, I have to wait until after everyone else which is just unfair. It really is. Anyway, a lot of my friends had little parties at their houses so it was great to celebrate their birthdays with everyone and I'm sure there'll definitely be more to come. Next year is going to be amazing for birthdays!

The weekend before Christmas was probably one of the best weekends I had throughout the year. On the Friday, I took part in a 12 hour lacrosse competition at school to raise money for a charity called Victim Support. It was great fun but so tiring. I think by 4 in the morning everyone just wanted their beds but we still managed to play a few more matches! The next day I basically went straight to sleep for about 4 hours and then started to get ready for our sixth form Christmas party. That was such a good night, had such a good laugh with everyone! Then the day after it was my best friend, Sarah's 18th and we went round her house for a party. This was fun but VERY interesting, I have to say!

There you have it, my little review of 2013. It's been a pretty rollercoaster of a year but honestly, I have loved it. I just want to say thank you (cue cheesy moment) to everyone who has been a part of it and I hope next year will be even better! I really hope you all have a lovely start to the New Year, whatever you are doing and all the best for 2014 from me! :D

Happy New Year!

Charlotte xxx

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