Wednesday, 8 January 2014

MUA Undressed Eyeshadow Palette

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MUA 'Undressed' Eyeshadow Palette

I've always intended to buy an MUA eyeshadow palette as I've heard so many good reviews about them. So, after reading a few blogs and watching a few YouTube videos, I decided to take a trip down to my local Superdrug to invest in this little beauty. After standing at the MUA counter for about 10-15 minutes with three different palettes in my hand, I realised this was going to be a difficult decision. I'm very bad at deciding things so if you're like me, trying to decide between three eyeshadow palettes isn't a very easy thing to do. I finally decided to go for the Undressed eyeshadow palette which is a collection of neutral shades for only £4. Not bad MUA, not bad.

There are a good range of neutral shades in this palette including pinks, browns and darker colours so that they can coincide with eachother to make different looks. There is a mixture of shimmer and matte shades, all with good pigmentation however, I find that in some cases, for example when applying shade 9, I have to put a few layers on before getting a solid colour. I love the fact that there is a combination of light and dark colours so that you can use the lighter shades on the base and then the darker in the outer corner and crease for more definition. My favourite look which I have used for everyday throughout autumn and winter is sweeping shade two, a shimmering pale pink, across the base of my lid, and then using shade 9, which is a darker cranberry pink colour in the outer corner and crease. This creates a subtle and natural look, easy to wear for everyday. They're really long lasting, especially when you apply it with a good eyeshadow primer or base and they don't crease or smudge, which I really like and obviously prefer because nobody really wants to look like a panda by the end of the night!

I really like the packaging, it's simple, yet effective. I love a good palette where you can see the colours through the lid. A bit weird, yeah I know. The price is great for what you get at £4! You can buy them from Superdrug and there's a whole range of them. Definitely need to add more to my collection! I love a good palette!

Charlotte xxx

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