Thursday, 21 August 2014

Life Update.

I always do this. I get back into blogging, blog loads, then leave for a few weeks and come back to a post where I apologise for my absence. So, to follow tradition, I'm sorry guysssss. I've been busy procrastinating, I mean come on, it's such a tiring thing to do. I thought because I'd been away for a while that I'd do a little life update to tell you what's been happening lately because quite frankly, a lot of things have happened and my life is going to change completely!

1. I've been to Dubai!
I spent my summer holiday in Dubai which was honestly amazing! If I could live somewhere abroad, I'd definitely live there. The weather, the food, THE SHOPS, are all perfect. I did a bit of damage to the old purse but never mind, YOLO (oh my days did I really just say that *cringe*). I went to Dubai for ten days and was lucky enough to fly out there in business class on Emirates which was a completely new experience for me. I felt so out of place but it was just soooo nice. The service was unbelievable and my chair turned into a bed...A BED. I've never felt so relaxed on a plane in my entire life. We did a lot of shopping whilst we were there but also a lot of sightseeing through driving round the city, as well as including a spot of sunbathing of course.

2. I want to go blonde, WHAT.
Well, not completely blonde, I don't think I'll go that drastic. But, I really want to give my hair the ombre look with blonde tips. I've been pinterest obsessed lately (if you're not following me, follow me here, just putting that out there), and I've been seeing so much inspiration and it's making me want to take the plunge. OH EM GEE, how scary. I don't even know if I'll suit it!

3. Should I start YouTube?
Right, this is something that I've been wanting to do for ages and is a major point on my bucket list. Obviously the YouTube culture is so popular now and more and more people are joining everyday, so I don't expect anything big, but I just want to sit and make videos and share them with you. I think it would be so much fun and I'd really enjoy it (hopefully) just as much as I love watching them. Let me know what you think in the comments below!

4. I'M NEARLY 18!
AHHHHHHHH. I will FINALLY be 18 on Tuesday!!! As you can tell I'm slightly excited for my 18th and being an August baby has its consequences. All of my friends are 18 and I've honestly been so jealous, it's so annoying! But I can't wait till Tuesday until I can match up to them, although everyone will start turning 19 soon...I hate being a young'un sometimes. I have a lot of celebrations going on next week which I'm so excited for and I'll definitely do some birthday posts to let you know all the crack.

5. You'll never guess...I'm going to uni mate.
So I kind of have to go to university now...dfjngsidu say whut?! My results day was last Thursday and I magically got BBC (a C in Geography WHAT). Now some of you may think that those aren't the best grades but to me they are a miracle. I've never been so nervous for a day in my entire life and on the morning of my results, I logged into my application and it said that my place at Sheffield Hallam to study English Language had been confirmed. There were no words. I didn't believe it. My mam was jumping up and down and I just convinced her that it wasn't true. BUT IT WAS. This has honestly made my year, after having a pretty rubbish year this news has made it much better and I couldn't be happier! I can't wait to go to Sheffield as a fresher and begin what could be the best three years of my life!

I hope this gives you a little insight into what I've actually been doing with my life lately, if I've done anything that is, and what is next to come for moi! I'm very excited for the future and want to take you lovely readers along with me!

Charlotte xxx

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