Sunday, 28 February 2016

10 Ways To Have A Perfect Sunday

Sundays and I have a love/hate relationship. I love having a day that feels so relaxing and there is no pressure to do anything "because it's a Sunday." But then there's always that knowledge that Monday is just lurking round the corner and your week starts again. Weekends go far too fast, but I thought I'd make up a list of how to have the perfect Sunday, whether you're productive or basically just lying in bed catching up on your favourite programmes (or hungover as I tend to spend it from time to time). I'm a big believer of the saying "a Sunday well spent brings a week of content" as there's nothing better than starting your week off with a positive attitude.

Make A To Do List
There's nothing more satisfying than making a fresh to do list for the week. I love making lists and I've mentioned this a gazillion times but I really do. I think if you make a list of things that you need to do for the upcoming week you can get a bit of an idea of how your week is going to look. And let's be honest, we all love ticking off those things on the list. Makes us feel that little bit better about ourselves. 

Have A Sort Out
I think having a nice tidy up really sets you off for a great week. Having a clean environment makes you feel a lot cleaner and a lot more organised. Have a wardrobe sort out, throw those clothes away that you don't even wear anymore. One thing I love to do is change my bedding. That feeling of getting into fresh new bedding is so dreamy.

I actually don't bake that often but it is something that I always loved doing when I was younger. I remember going to my Grandparents with my brother and we used to bake cupcakes and I used to spend my Sundays with my Mam baking cookies and cake. It is so therapeutic and there's nothing wrong with a few cookies here and there. 

Do A Bit Of Work
I know it sounds a bit rubbish and not everyones perfect way to spend a Sunday, but if you have a bit of spare time in the day why not do a bit of work? If it means you don't have to do it in the week and you can free up some time then do it!

Catch Up On Telly
Sunday is the perfect time to catch up on any telly that you have missed in the week. If I'm out on a Saturday night, I always catch up on the programmes I have missed that night with a warm cuppa and wrapped up in bed. Pure bliss.

Stay In Your Pyjamas
Who needs to get dressed? Why not stay in bed? If you're wanting to have a serious chill day where you don't want to leave the house then what's the point in getting ready? That's my motto. Especially if the weather is rubbish outside then staying in your pjs in a warm duvet sounds like a much better plan than going out and getting soaked right?

Go For A Walk
Probably one of my favourite things. I love just going for a walk in a nearby park or driving to the beach and having a stroll. Even if it's a quick walk or you make a day of it I think getting out into the air gets you going for the day.

What's a Sunday without a good pamper? When I was at school I always had a bath on a Sunday night, without fail. I have a bath at uni but have never used it so whenever I'm home from uni, I always have my Sunday night bath. Candles, bath bombs, face mask, the lot. AND freshly shaved legs. Girls, you know.

Have An Early Night
Start your week with a good nights sleep. What a way to end your perfect Sunday. Sometimes it's hard to have an early night because I know a lot of people get into a routine of going to bed late. But, turn your phone off, turn your telly off and wrap up warm in bed. You will feel so much better in the morning, at least it might make Monday a bit more bearable.

Spend Time With Family
Family is the most important thing. Spending your Sunday with the ones you love really brightens up your day. I love it when I go home from uni and can spend my Sundays with my family, visiting grandparents and having a good old Sunday roast with my parents. Even when I'm at uni, I always FaceTime my parent on a Sunday to catch up and see how they're doing. A Sunday wouldn't be the same without a good old chat.

I hope you have a lovely Sunday whatever you're doing. Whether it is something from this post or something else, let me know! My favourite part of the entire week is around 4-5pm on a Sunday afternoon when the sun is setting and it seems so peaceful. There's hardly any cars driving around and everyone is in their homes, probably falling asleep after their mammoth of a roast. 

Enjoy your day!

Charlotte xxx

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