Thursday, 4 February 2016

Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick - 'Glastonberry'


Charlotte Tilbury has become a household name in the past year of make up. Even though the brand has been around for a while, it is only recently that I have been interested in her products and lusted after many but sadly cried because I couldn't afford anything. I remember watching one of Zoella's make up tutorials on YouTube and she used this lipstick, this beautiful beautiful lipstick, and I thought, this is definitely going to have to be added to my ever-growing lipstick collection. The lipstick isn't the cheapest, however, so I knew it was something to save for. I asked for the shade 'Glastonberry' for Christmas, thinking I wasn't really going to get it but when I looked in my stocking and found it, I was in genuine shock. I was so grateful to have received this from my parents. After all it is £23.

Let's start with the name. I mean, come on, 'Glastonberry'. Get it? Like the festival but mixed in with the actual shade of the lipstick. Wow, I'm definitely an English language student if I find that interesting. The packaging is something else. A STUNNING rose gold case with Charlotte's initials on the top. Even the box it comes in is beautiful. The lipstick bullet is strange, however, as it is not like your normal everyday lipstick. The tip is squared, making it quite difficult to apply. Definitely a lipstick that takes a few goes before you get the hang of it.

The colour of this does what it says on the tin. It is very much a berry colour, perfect for Autumn/Winter. Now I know we're in the months leading up to Spring but there's no reason why the dark and vampy shades should be taken out of your make up. I am currently wearing Glastonberry whilst I'm writing this so it's fine for me! I'm going to be honest, the colour was a lot darker than I was expecting. I don't know why but I thought it was going to be more red than purple. This did not affect me whatsoever. because I do love a good dark lip. As it says in the name, the lipstick is a matte formula, meaning it is very long lasting and doesn't look shiny on the lips. The lipstick does not dry my lips out which is perfect as I've been having some serious dry lip business going on at the moment. Its longevity is amazing, lasts all day even through eating and drinking. It does bleed a little bit but that is easily resolved with a lip liner. I tend not to wear lip liners, silly me.

It is on the more pricey side at £23 but it is definitely an amazing products, particularly for those special occasions.

Have you tried 'Glastonberry'?

Charlotte xxx

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