Friday, 5 September 2014

Thank you Daniel Wellington for my new beauty

For my 18th birthday, a new little baby came into my life. It's perfect, what I've wanted for ages and looks so pretty. Okay, it's a watch but seriously though, I get excited over these things! I've been wanting a watch from Daniel Wellington for ages because I saw that they sell the perfect brown leather watches that I've been loving. Everyone seems to be getting Michael Kors watches recently which I find nice but if I'm honest, they're not me at all. The range at Daniel Wellington is amazing and I decided to get the Classic Cardiff Lady which has a medium toned brown leather wristband and a rose gold face. I didn't want a watch to light because I feel that they look weird on my wrist, probably because I'm too pale. The rose gold features are beautiful, I'm a big fan of rose gold and have been looking for a watch with this detailing on and I found my perfect match. The face is large enough for me but not too big that it looks oversized on my wrist. Another good point is that usually with watches I have to drill an extra hole but with this one, there's plenty to fit all size wrists so it fit perfectly!

Have you tried any Daniel Wellington watches?

Charlotte xxx