Wednesday, 3 September 2014

MAC's Lady Danger Review

Oh my days, Lady Danger you beauty. I do love a MAC lipstick guys and I especially love a good red. I've been really getting into bright lips recently and since I got some money for my birthday I decided to treat myself to a new MAC lipstick because you know, can't have enough can you?

Lady Danger has been on my wishlist for a long time now but I was always frightened of the matte formula. Matte lipsticks tend to look very dry on my lips and it doesn't look pretty but this lipstick is something else. Even though it is matte, it applies almost creamy like and feels very smooth on the lips, not what a normal matte lipstick would feel like. It doesn't dry my lips out (BONUS) and feels moisturising all day, I've worn this all day before and although the colour isn't as bold as it is when you first apply it, it's still there! 

The colour is a very bright red which his more on the orange side, perfect for summer, even though summer is practically over...but I would say it's more of a neon red that goes very well with a tan and makes your teeth look extra white!

I'm very impressed with MAC's Lady Danger but not so impressed with the price, MAC, why you making it more expensive so I can't spend my pennies?!

Charlotte xxx

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