Sunday, 17 May 2015

15 Things That Put A Smile On Your Face

1. When a song plays on your playlist that you completely forgot you had added. *Dances round room*

2. Wearing your favourite lipstick, whether you're going anywhere or not.

3. When you don't smudge your nails right after you paint them. WIN.

4. Getting into bed after you've put fresh bedding on.

5. When you've been out all day and come home to someone saying 'let's put the kettle on'. One of the best cups of tea you'll ever have.

6. When the sun is out and you know summer is just round the corner.

7. A good hair day. That is all.

8. A successful shopping trip. You know those days when you feel like you've been so productive that you've managed to spend the majority of money left in your bank?

9. Completing a full to do list and feeling like you've completed your life.

10. The beach. Just the beach.

11. Being on holiday and not caring about a thing.

12. Having a really tasty crisp. That sounds so weird but you know when you have that one crisp that is full of flavour??

13. Being wrapped up inside when it's pouring with rain outside.

14. When your contour game is on point.

15. Taking your bra off and getting into your pyjamas. Just tops my day off.

Charlotte xxx

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