Sunday, 8 November 2015

Confessions of a Stationary Hoarder

It's no secret that I love stationary. I'd happily spend my money on buying a new notebook or pretty gel pens than food to keep me living. My desk drawers have always been full of stationary that I probably don't even need and never use yet I love to keep hold of every single item. My mam will literally roll her eyes everytime I go shopping and come home with a new notebook but who cares. I am a stationary hoarder and here are my confessions:

1. Yes, I do buy notebooks because they're pretty. The amount of notebooks I have and don't actually have a use for is ridiculous. The thing is, I literally don't have an excuse to give when someone asks me why I've bought it, all I say is 'because it looks pretty.

2. The majority of notebooks I own are still blank. Yep, even the ones I bought over a year ago are still waiting to be scribbled in.

3. Seeing a pretty gel pen set really excites me. Is that weird? I love coloured pens like making my work pretty and colourful seriously makes me wake up in the morning.

4. Lists are a daily thing. I've said in many posts that I love making lists. Like, I LOVE making lists. I'm actually planning on writing one after I write this blog post so there you go. I have books and notepads specifically designed for lists and they excite me when I see them on the shelves. I just recently bought shopping list book and a desk pad (that's one of my favs). Plus, they look pretty, as always.

5. The amount of pencil cases I own is uncanny. I remember at the beginning of every year at school I used to buy a new pencil case and sometimes even bought a second one throughout the year. I used to enjoy going out to buy my pencil case and would take forever to decide on just one. Yes, I do still love doing that now and yes I may have a collection of pencil cases at home that I don't use anymore...

6. I probably have pens that don't work but I still like to hang on to them. No, not the normal biro style pens that once you use you just throw away and get a new one out of the pack. Those pens that have your name on or a cute pattern (mainly from Paperchase). I seem to hang onto pens that I may have bought in the past or received as birthday and Christmas presents even if they don't work.

7. One of my favourite presents ever was a pack of sticky notes. Yeah you heard me. In my stocking last year I was given a set of post it notes from Happy Jackson and I think it was one of the best presents I've ever received. I showed it off to everyone that's how sad I am.

8. I have no regrets. To be honest, I don't really care that I have more stationary than WHSmith itself and I'll continue to buy pretty notebooks and pens and won't regret. I will willingly spend £10 on a notebook that doesn't need to be that much but if it looks nice and feels good to hold I'll have it. I will drag my nearest and dearest into Paperchase forever more. Sorry guys.

Charlotte xxx

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