Tuesday, 3 November 2015


I go through stages where I can be really productive and want to get everything done or I go weeks without being anywhere near productive and slack on everything that I do. I thought I'd write a bit of personal and chatty blog post about what motivates me and how you can get motivated. I have to admit, there has been times where I've genuinely gone weeks without writing a blog post and I always feel rubbish about it because this is what I want to do. I want to write about the things that I love and share it with people. I have always been interested in writing and that's why I take an English degree. I have always been an English person, I was never the girl who was obsessed with science or was amazing at playing a musical instrument. Throughout my whole school life I loved English. That may make me sound a bit geeky but hey ho, I love it.

I remember starting this blog when I had finished my GCSE's in year 11 (oh my that was 3 years ago wow I feel old), basically because I had a long summer and knew I was going to be bored. I really started getting into reading beauty and fashion blogs and thought, I'm going to give that a go. I admit, my posts back then were awful and if you fancy reading some of them then feel free they're still right here on my blog! I posted them because I loved writing about make up and what clothes I had recently bought. I started to post quite often but then after a while began to lose motivation and completely lost interest in what I was writing. It was only that last year and a half that I really got back into blogging. Yes, in that year and a half I have wrote blog posts then suddenly stopped for a good month but I always feel really guilty about it. I really enjoy blogging, and recently, I've been a lot more motivated and productive with my days and blogging has been given more attention. I'm not the most motivated of people and probably not the best person to listen to but I thought I'd share with you some of the little things I do to keep my motivation levels up.

1. Write a list.
This is probably the most important thing to do. I love making lists and that's no secret. I love making a to do list every morning so that I have a general idea about how much I have to do that day. There may be two things on my list and there may be five, but writing a list makes me feel a lot more organised and there's something really satisfying about ticking things off. Is anyone else like that? I love getting stationary that makes list writing easier, do you get me? On a Sunday I tend to plan each day with what work I have to do that day, when I'm going to write blog posts and when I'm going to take blog photos. However, autumn days are quite unpredictable so I take photos whenever I can, #bloggerprobz. When it comes to my blog I never really kept a schedule, but now I make a list of what I'm going to write for what day and that has seemed to help quite a lot. I've even planned my Christmas blog posts that's how productive I am at the minute. I do love a bit of organisation.

2. Set and alarm.
Some days I have uni at 9 so I am usually up at half 7 and out by half 8. Luckily, my days at uni aren't very long and I have the majority of the afternoons off and two full days off in a week so I have quite a lot of spare time. I don't currently have a part time job either which gives me a lot more time to do work and blogging. When I'm off however, I like to set alarms on some days so that I can get up early and have a productive day. I do like to have a lie in once in a while, which I think is good as you need to get your sleep. But, as I'm so used to getting up early, my body clock automatically wakes me up at half 7 every morning. Isn't that nice?

3. Take a break.
Don't push yourself too hard. There's a thing called overworking and you really don't want to be doing that. If you do too much, you can tire yourself out and lose concentration. Take a break every couple of hours, have some food, pour yourself a cuppa or catch up on that programme you missed last night. There's nothing worse than sitting at your desk all day staring at your laptop which ends up giving you a crooked back and a banging headache. 

4. Tidy up.
Is this just me who does this? I love a tidy workspace and usually before I start anything I love to make my bed, put my clothes away or file away some loose papers. There's something about a clear desk that makes everything easier to do. I always find that I am set for the day when I clean and it starts my day off productively so that's the way to carry on.

5. Don't overdo it.
Don't think you can complete everything in that one day. I will set myself a goal of finishing some uni reading in one day and with my distraction levels, that never happens. I can easily be distracted by online shopping, the television or just listening to music. I could happily just sot and dance in my seat for a good hour and then when that passes I think to myself, imagine what you could have done in that hour without your daily sing-a-long to One Direction. But who doesn't love a bit of the 1D boys eh? eh? I remember one day I made a to do list and it was too full and I completely lost interest. Give  yourself a realistic goal and if you manage to complete all of that, make a head start on your next to do list.

I hope this helped in some way or another. I apologise that I'm not the most motivational person but you know, I do try.

Charlotte xxx

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