Sunday, 1 November 2015

Why Do I Wear Make Up?

I was never into make up from a young age. To be honest, I was quite nervous to wear make up and only properly got into it when I was in year 9/10, even if that did mean bad eyeliner and concealer lips. My mam doesn't wear loads of make up but still does and I used to rummage through her stash when I was little but never knew what product did what. I have pretty normal skin and rarely get blemishes (I applaud my parents for giving me the good skin gene). So why do I love covering my skin up in make up when I don't necessarily need it?

In my opinion, I believe that I do need to wear make up. I don't need to cake myself in it and I've gone out of the house without make up before. But as a confidence boost, I prefer to put a bit of concealer under my eyes and mascara on my lashes even if I am just popping out to get milk and bread. Every girl is different and so if you feel you need to put it on then do it but don't bother if there's no need. I don't want to write this blog post and say you shouldn't wear make up and you should embrace your natural skin because if you're not confident enough to not wear make up then do whatever makes you happy. It's nice to give your skin a bit of a breather and if you're not doing much then you don't need to put it on but I've had days where I've literally done nothing and just been sat in the house all day but I still spend half an hour in the morning covering my face in whatever I've got just because I enjoy it.

I wouldn't have made this blog if I didn't have a passion for make up and fashion and everything else that I write about. Collecting make up is my hobby, just like other people love to collect stamps or comic books or even pebbles you find on a beach. I admit, I probably could've spent my money on other necessary things but instead of spending loads of money on a night out or something like that, I tend to save it and buy the latest eyeshadow palette or lipstick just because it makes me happy. Yes, I do have 6 lipsticks in pretty much the same shade and people have been shocked when they look at my make up collection but to me, every one of those lipsticks are unique (lol deep conversation about lipsticks.) I love trying new products and if that means spending £30 on a foundation then I'll do it.

There are so many influences nowadays and YouTube has recently become one of the major ways in which girls, as young as 10 (and maybe younger) are wearing make up. My younger cousin has only just turned 12 and does her makeup better than I did at that age (if I even wore any) and it's all because of YouTube videos and beauty gurus. I love that. It's amazing how people can just sit in front of a camera in their bedrooms and be so inspirational to people all around the world! Make up is a personal topic. If you want to cake yourself in it then do it. I love experimenting with different make up looks. Give me a smokey eye and a bold lip any day and I'll be a happy bunny. Some people go for the more natural look and that is absolutely fine! What's wrong with showing off your natural skin? Don't be afraid of what people think when it comes to make up. I mean, if you go out with bright pink cheeks and dark black eyes it may look a bit out of place but if that's your thing then do it.

Why do I wear make up? Because I want to.

Charlotte xxx

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