Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Benefit's 'Erase Paste' Concealer Review

I've been giving Benefit a bit of love on my blog recently because they are damn well doing it for me. The products that I've being reviewing, however, aren't new releases but cult items that everyone seems to be constantly loving and I've only tried now. Benefit's 'Erase Paste' is a creamy concealer that is available in 3 shades (mine being 01 fair) and is more of a pink toned concealer which is perfect for neutralising any dark blue or purple areas you have on your face, giving it a huge thumbs up for cancelling out any under eye circle and shadows. LIFE SAVER!

It comes in a small pot which, in my opinion, isn't the best as it can be quite difficult to get the product with your fingers and would be even worse if you had long nails. Fortunately I don't have that problem, mainly due to laziness where I can't be bothered to do anything with my nails. Anyway, I tend to use my finger to apply this concealer and it works well. I've never tried it with a brush but I feel like it would get the product out of the tub a lot easier! I usually apply this underneath my brightening concealer which is the classic Collection's Lasting Perfection concealer (obvs) and it acts as a great base/primer for this as well as cancelling out any dark circles I have (which I can assure you, there are many). I feel like ever since I've used this product, I've noticed a big difference in how my under eye area looks as well as how long my concealer lasts.

As I said at the beginning, the concealer has a creamy consistency, making it easy to apply as well as being quite thick, however not cakey looking, especially if you blend it out well which this product does well. The shade is perfect for my skin tone but there aren't many other shades available as there are only three so you won't have much choice. At a price of £20.50 it does seem quite pricey for a small box of concealer but in my eyes, it's definitely worth it!

Charlotte xxx

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