Sunday, 15 February 2015

Benefit's 'Hoola' Bronzer Review

I love a good bronzer and lately I've been really getting into contouring and bronzed skin. Trying to master the Kim K look is harder than I thought but I'm still trying! Benefit's 'Hoola' bronzer is well hyped around the blog and YouTube world and probably every blogger/YouTuber and their dog has this product and I definitely know why. Like my post last week on the Benefit's 'Watt's Up' Highlighter, I asked for this bronzer for Christmas and gratefully received and I have been using it ever since. I love it and for some reason it always makes me feel a bit Hawaiian or something, maybe that's just me...

I currently only own one of the Benefit's box powders and receiving this makes me want to collect more. Benefit does it again with the packaging, including a small mirror which I love and giving enough product to last a long time. The bronzer comes with a small brush which I actually love. I'm never usually a fan of some make up brushes that come with a certain product but I use this one on a daily basis. The brush picks up the right amount of product and is a perfect size and shape for contouring and giving the cheekbones a bit of definition. 

The colour of the bronzer is, in my opinion, perfect for all skin tones. It is not orange-toned, creating a natural and sun-kissed look, and doesn't look muddy on the face, especially when blended out. It is easily buildable but pigmented enough to only use a small amount of the product and give an effect. It lasts most of the day, I have noticed that it has lasted a solid few hours until it starts to fade slightly but still looks effective. 

The bronzer costs £23.50, just like the rest of the box powders and I have to say it is definitely good value for money as I feel like it will last a good amount of time before hitting the bottom.

Charlotte xxx

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