Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Benefit's 'Watt's Up' Highlighter Review

The majority of my Christmas list consists of make up and beauty products and yes, I know you're probably wondering why I'm still talking about Christmas when it's a week into February, but it's always nice to keep up the Christmas spirit, right? Basically, I received this highlighter as a Christmas present and oh my golly gosh I think I'm in love. I've been wanting this product for such a long time and I remember reading loads of blog posts and reviews on this ages ago and wishing i had it but I always turned it away because I chickened out in spending the money. But since I received it for Christmas I've been wearing it non-stop!

First of all, let's give a round of applause, as always, to Benefit for their amazing packaging. I feel like I have to give credit to the packaging of every Benefit product when I write a blog post about them because they're most definitely on point. The quirkiness of the product and its name is one of the main things that draws me to the product (as well as the actual make up of course) like many others, and they make my make up collection look pretty. 

This cream highlighter is in a stick form and glides on the cheeks so easily. I usually go for pink/peachy highlights because I think they suit my skin perfectly but this is the total opposite. The colour gives a champagne/gold sheen to the cheeks and suits every skin tone. I love wearing it especially when I'm more tanned as it is a perfect combination with bronzed skin for a sun-kissed look. I've been loving it throughout this past month and I can tell I'm going to absolutely adore it throughout summer. 

I love wearing this on its own but also as a base for a powder highlighter. I'm a highlight girl. I love highlighting. So this is why apply two highlighters. Wow, how many times do I want to mention the word highlight? I usually apply this straight from the stick then blend it out with a face brush. I have tried the sponge given on the other end of the stick but I don't like it that much. It doesn't seem to blend the product out as well as a brush and took some of my make up off with it. That is not good.

I know this is going to be a new favourite of mine and I'm so grateful that I was given this to add to my collection. It costs £24.50, which I  thought it was a little bit pricey which is why I was always put off buying it but honestly, I would highly recommend it and it is definitely worth the money!

Have you tried this highlighter?

Charlotte xxx

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