Tuesday, 3 March 2015

MAC's 'Russian Red' Lipstick Review

I love MAC lipsticks and by love, I mean I have a strong obsession. My bank balance is always hit hard when I take a trip to a MAC counter and I spend a good quarter of every shopping trip browsing and swatching a bunch of lipsticks until my hand looks like I've encountered some sort of deathly disease in the past hour that I had been standing there for. Of course that's not true, but my mam will always ask what has happened to the backs of my hand when I go shopping and I always give the same answer. I'm a make up addict, this is the life I lead...

Russian red has been on my MAC lipstick wishlist for a while now and I kindly received it for Christmas this year. this lipstick is a matte formula meaning it does not have any shine and stays on for longer. I've been really getting into matte lipsticks recently as I prefer the longevity of the product but I also love how it looks on the lips. I'm always worried about these formulas, however, as I've heard people speak about one MAC lipstick in particular (think it may be Ruby Woo, which is also on my wishlist) being quite hard to apply and doesn't glide on easily. Russian Red, on the other hand, does the trick and glides on like icing on a cake (MMM CAKE). It doesn't feel drying on the lips and doesn't look it either. BUT, I wouldn't recommend wearing a matte formulated lipstick if you have dry or cracked lips as it will make them a lot more noticeable. Not a nice look I can assure you.

The colour is more of a deep red but a very wearable lipstick for those who aren't comfortable with bold lip colours. It's more of a blue-toned red meaning that it makes your teeth look just that little bit whiter giving it more brownie points than it already has. It does last all day and my mam was shocked that it had lasted from morning to night without budging even though I eat 24/7, it did not move. She was genuinely impressed. The only problem I have about this lipstick, as well as other MAC lipsticks for that matter, is the price. £15.50 FOR A MAC LIPSTICK?!?! I used to pay about £12/£13 point which, yes I know is only a couple of pounds difference but still, how expensive?! Rant over sorry but I'm just not happy with this increase in price, how is my purse going to cope? 

Have you tried Russian Red?

Charlotte xxx

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