Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Current ASOS Wishlist

I have really been loving ASOS recently and have created quite a wishlist. I love my lists and when it comes to clothes, making a list of things I'd love to have in my life makes list-writing even better. Don't you just wish you could click on an item of clothing and it would magically appear in your wardrobe though? Why does this not happen?

I thought I'd share with you all my recent favourites from ASOS. I have to admit, I was meant to be doing uni work but somehow happened to stumble across the ASOS website (I don't know how this happened...) and fell in love with A LOT of things they have on there. I feel like I need to bring more autumnal clothes into my wardrobe, even though I have loads already. However, it's always nice to treat yourself to a few new things once in a while right?

Top Row (Left to Right):

Middle Row (Left to Right):

ASOS Cocoon Coat - £85.00

Bottom Row (Left to Right):

Charlotte xxx

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