Thursday, 25 June 2015

Top 5: Red Lipsticks

Top to Bottom: Mac Vegas Volt, 'In Love With Ginger', Mac
Lady Danger, Mac Russian Red, Rimmel 107
First things first, I apologise for how pale and miserable I look in these photos. I know you can only see my lips but I feel it shows my Wednesday Adams side. I promise I'm not Casper the Ghost either, I'm just not blessed with tanned skin (still dreaming...) I did a post on my blog a couple of weeks about my top 5 nude/pink lipsticks and I thought I'd carry on the little series again of my favourite products. So this week I've decided to do my favourite red lipstick. I do love a red lip and I feel like anyone can pull it off. Red lips are perfect for any season, I don't there's any problem with it...apart from getting it on your teeth and having the embarrassment of someone telling you it's on your teeth then you sit there for ages making funny mouth movements whilst trying to get it off. Yeah, that.

MAC Vegas Volt

When I first started getting into red lipstick, I didn't want something too bold and out there. I thought I'd play it safe, go with a red but not red lipstick if you know what I mean? No obviously you don't because my brain works completely different to everyone else's. I wanted something that wasn't too bright but something that I could start with so I bought MAC's Vegas Volt and I absolutely fell in love with it and still love it so much. The colour is more coral than red and it is the perfect summer shade which goes beautifully with a tan, I've taken it on holiday every year since I've bought it and will continue this tradition.

Rimmel Moisture Renew - 'In Love With Ginger'

This is more of an orange toned red which I think is one of the most amazing red shades going. I love this for summer too when I'm feeling a lot more bold. The moisture renew lipsticks from Rimmel are beautiful lipsticks, apply so creamy and last a long time. They leave a slight hint of gloss to the lips and are VERY pigmented. This looks better on me when I have a tan as I feel like it brings out my tan more, giving a more sunkissed look. These lipsticks are so affordable and I would highly recommend 'In Love With Ginger' (5 out of 5 for the name!!)

MAC Lady Danger

I bought MAC's Lady Danger last year because I had heard so many good reviews on this lipstick and I went through a stage of constantly wearing matte lipsticks. This, again, is an orange toned red and looks gorge with a tan however, as it is quite warm toned it can make your teeth looked slightly yellow. I love the matte finish of this lipstick, lasts all day without much wear. The colour is beautiful and doesn't look dry on the lips, perfect if you suffer from cracked lips.

MAC Russian Red

I LOVE this colour. I received MAC's Russian Red for Christmas and thought it was amazing and still do. It is also a matte lipstick meaning it lasts all day and when I say it lasts all day, it bloody well lasts all day. I couldn't believe how long this lipstick lasted and my mam was also shocked! It is a berry toned red, perfect for autumn/winter but I think you could wear it all year round and as it is quite a cool, blue-toned red, it makes your teeth look extra white.

Rimmel Kate Moss - 107

The famous Rimmel 107. Known for it's colour, cost and all round beautifulness. I wasn't keen on the berry toned lip colours, well, I say I wasn't keen, I mean I didn't think they'd suit me. But, I thought I'd give this one a try, after all Zoella raves about it and it's safe to say I know why. This is the perfect berry toned red and like Russian Red, it is PERFECT for winter. It lasts all day and finishes matte but does not look drying. I feel like this has more of a purple undertone rather than a red like Russian Red, making it very unique. If you don't have this in your collection I don't know where you've been hiding.

What's your favourite red lipstick?

Charlotte xxx

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