Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Maybelline's Colour Drama Lipstick in 'Fuchsia Desire'

I've never been the best at using lip liners. I always make my lips look totally different (in a bad way, that is) and end up looking like the joker on a bad day. Recently, Maybelline have released their Colour Drama Lipsticks in a range of shades and I thought, this could be my shot at perfecting the art of lip linery (is that even a thing?!) So I wandered down, as you do, to my local Boots and picked up my first shade. I had saw many YouTubers use the shade 'Fuchsia Desire' and it looked amazing so I thought I'd choose that as my first purchase and it's safe to say I was not disappointed even if I do struggle to spell fuchsia...is that even right??

'Fuchsia Desire' is a beautiful blue toned hot pink shade which is perfect for summer especially when you have a tan. It makes your teeth look white, mainly due to the blue undertones in the colour giving this lipstick extra brownie points. Another bonus from this product is that it is so long lasting, it dries matte and lasts all day. I love matte lipsticks but hate it when they look and feel dry and cling to the dry parts of your lips. This, however, does not do any of them and the colour does not wear off. I've worn this all day, eaten a heck load of food and drank a lot and the lipstick had not budged. I even had a curry once and it still stayed on, I always find my lipstick comes off when I eat a curry, is that just me?

This product is not in your typical lipstick form. It comes in the form of a lip pencil, which you could use it as but I use it as an all over lip colour. The pencil itself is quite thick, not like a normal lip liner, which I find makes it easier to apply. Like I said, I'm useless at applying lip liner so this really does help. 

There are so many different colours which I need to get my hands on! They only cost £4.99 which is just the right price and you can buy them from any drugstore or even supermarket!

Charlotte xxx

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